Welcome to the Foundation for Bioregulatory Medicine

Biomedic Foundation or the Foundation for Bioregulatory Medicine is a medical educational charity registered in England and Wales under Registration No.1052731 established in 1994.

The Foundation’s major objective is to deliver Bioregulatory Health System to society both in theory and in practice - improving one's health solely by means of facilitating autoregulatory mechanisms.   

Biomedic Foundation now runs the International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine (ISBM) and Academy for Bioregulatory Medicine, which is currently setting clinical and educational standards in Bioregulatory Medicine worldwide, while providing regular courses and seminars on the topic of Bioregulation. 



We are sure that you are aware of how our contribution towards a more humanistic and health-centred system of medicine leads to a positive impact on raising the quality of public health and lifestyle in general. We are therefore appealing to you to contribute any knowledge, ideas or donations that you feel would be helpful in assisting us achieve this mission.