Medical Refuge

Biomedic Foundation was established in 1994 by Dr. Damir Shakambet and Dr. Tatyana Bosh. Originally named ‘Medical Refuge’, the foundation was established with the purpose of creating a new medical system for improving health, and a bioregulatory approach in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It became increasingly evident that individual health is profoundly affected by the state of the world and collective consciousness (as well as vice versa), since the turn of the new millennium the foundation began to create a network that encourages a more proactive involvement in global reality. For this reason, we extended our original constitution to include larger objectives, and in 2001 the name of the charity was changed from Medical Refuge to the Biomedic Foundation.


Orphan Voices

One of the early projects began with a project called ‘Orphan Voices’, which aimed to give a voice and a face to some of the more than 13 million children in Africa at the time, orphaned by the AIDS pandemic.


Bioregulatory Medicine

As Biomedic Foundation provided a forum for research, discussion and education to physicians, CAM practitioners and the general public, it gathered their talents and abilities together towards developing this new and entirely health-centred medical paradigm, which puts emphasis on preventative and regenerative medicine.

Academy for Bioregulatory Medicine

Believing that integration, bioregulation and prevention represents the future of medicine, and valuing the efficiency of the bioregulatory approach to human health, in 1997 Biomedic Foundation started running the Academy for Bioregulatory Medicine. Since then, the Academy has been running seminars and courses on bioregulation for medical doctors, CAM practitioners, and the general public - in the UK and worldwide.

International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine 

In order for this new paradigm of health care to become widespread,  Biomedic Foundation established the International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine, to help gather talented like-minded medical practitioners and therapists, and provide an international bioregulatory medical network for exchanging knowledge. Today, the society has a large network of its associated and trademarked societies worldwide including American, Australian, British, Canadian, and Irish Societies for Bioregulatory Medicine.


Vibrant Health

Vibrant Health initiative aims to spread Applied Preventative Healthcare and Mindfulness Wellbeing across social institutions in a practical way. We believe it is important to bring an accessible forum of preventative healthcare learning that can be taught and implemented through a variety of workshops to young children, families and care homes. Vibrant Health is a registered medical educational charity, and our initiative is a social campaign for health consciousnesses. 



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